USPS Interview Questions & Answers

USPS Interview Questions & Answers

Reading this article will give you access to helpful information regarding an interview with USPS. This article will provide help with the USPS interview questions and answers as the questions we gathered here are some of the most common during an employment interview with USPS. You will also gain access to a few helpful tips that will give you a leg up during your interview.

About USPS

 USPS is short for the United States Postal Service. This company delivers letters and packages to citizens all across the nation. USPS employs around 509,000 couriers and other employees. Employees work in shifts, typically between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Currently, USPS is hiring for a few positions within the company. These positions include but are not limited to:

  • City Carrier Associate
  • Rural Carrier Associate
  • Mail Handler Assistant
  • Mail Handler

These are also the positions for which we prepared some USPS interview questions to guide you through the process.

Applying for the USPS is a simple thing to do. Just go through the job application portal on their official website. For an in-depth look at the application process, take a look at our step by step guide to the USPS job application.

USPS Interview Questions

Below, you will learn about a few common USPS interview questions and answers. According to our research, you will definitely come across at least one of the following questions during your USPS interview:

  1. USPS Interview Q & A for City Carrier Associate

Q1: Q: Why do you want to work for the USPS? 

A: I want to work for USPS because I admire the hard work that you do. The dedication the company displays is also commendable. Your carriers put in effort no matter the weather conditions; I want to embody that same unwavering work ethic.

Q2: Q: What would you do if confronted by a dog? 

A: If I was confronted by a dog, I would remain calm. I am not personally afraid of dogs; however, that does not mean that I do not understand protecting myself from potential harm is important. I would first try talking to the animal to get it to calm down – this works most of the time in my experience. Then, I would try to slowly get away from the dog. Once I was safe, I would alert the supervisor of the occurrence.

Q3: Q: Do you have any customer service skills? 

A: I have great customer service skills. Working in customer service-based jobs prior to this one has helped sharpen my skills.

  1. USPS Interview Q & A for Rural Carrier Associate

Q1: Could you work knowing that your job being done right is dependent upon others finishing their task? 

A: Yes. I generally have faith in other people to do the right thing. This means taking the responsibility for themselves and handling their duties. I would not allow myself to stress out about it; I would trust them to get it done and stick to my own work.

Q2: What would you do if you were asked to do something you thought was unsafe? 

A: I would go to my supervisor. Approaching them with respect as to not undermine their authority is important. Still, questions would be asked, such as the safety protocol on the specific task. This would make me feel more comfortable and also help me understand the situation. 

Q3: How would you deal with a customer who was upset?

A: I would apologize for what happened. Then, they would have a chance to address their concerns. Finally, I would offer and carry out a solution or talk to my supervisor and other coworkers to work something out. 

  1. USPS Interview Q & A for Mail Handler

Q1: Would be able to work well with others?

A: Yes. I am a firm believer that teamwork is the best way to complete a task. Working on a team is my preferred method of work. It makes the workday more efficient and speeds it up. I am also very personable and can easily get along with anyone.

Q2: Are you okay with standing all day?

A: Yes I am. I like jobs that are more physically demanding. It keeps me awake and alert and makes me feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Q3: What would you do if you disagreed with a coworker?

A: I would attempt to resolve the matter between the two of us. The last thing I want to do is make a scene. This will make work an uncomfortable place to be. If I could not make it work out, I would then involve a manager if this is a work-related issue, or push it down if it was strictly personal. 

  1. USPS Interview Q & A for Rural Carrier Associate

Q1: Are you comfortable driving four or more hours?

A: I am. One of my favorite things to do to relax is driving around. I think that I would love to do it as a job and get paid for it. Knowing that I would have a position doing something I enjoy would improve the quality of my life. It would also eliminate a lot of the stress that naturally comes with having a job.

Q2: Are you okay with working in any weather?

A: Yes, I am. I am comfortable in any sort of weather. Driving in the snow and the rain is not something that I fear. I would be happy to accept the challenge.

Q3: Why do you want to work for USPS? 

A: I like the idea of serving the public. Bringing people the packages and the mail they have been expecting would be rewarding to me.

USPS Job Interview Tips

Review the USPS interview questions and answers above a few times before you go in for your interview. Then, read the tips below. Keep these tips in mind as you get ready to walk through the door. They may be able to help you gain an advantage at your upcoming interview

Understand the Company

Take the time to learn a little bit about the United States Postal Service. Everyone uses this service, but no one really knows more than the basics. You can impress the hiring manager by showing that you are different. This will make the impression that you really want this job.

Dress Nicely

You want to be sure that you are looking your best when you walk in. This is a service provided by the government, making it especially important that you are dressed well.

Show off the Real You

Don’t be afraid to show them your true personality. Hiring managers know very well how to detect lies.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the information presented here has helped you get ready to interview. As stated, keep these USPS interview questions and answers close by to study. Additionally, keep those tips mentioned above in mind. Once you have completed your interview, come back to our site. We want to hear how the experience went in the comments section below.

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