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JobApplicationWorld.com provides information on how to apply for jobs and go through the interview process with various companies. On this page, you’ll find the rules governing the interaction between you and our content and how you can use this content and our website. These rules are meant to establish a safe environment for our visitors, users, and contributors alike.

We may update this page without any prior notice to our users and readers. Violation of these terms may lead to a permanent ban. The use of our website and the services we provide means your acceptance of the following terms, disclaimers, and restrictions:


Our website JobApplicationWorld.com provides information on the job application process with certain employers. Nevertheless, our website and the team are not, in any way, affiliated with the employers, nor do we perform background reviews of our users or potential employers.

Therefore, JobApplicationWorld.com is not by any means liable for the content we make available, as well as omissions or errors.

Copyrighted Materials

All of the content you will find on this website, including information in the form of text, data, software, photographs, audio and video files, is protected by copyright laws. This content you will find on this website is, therefore, the responsibility of the entity that has created it. Therefore, the term “content” does not include user contributions.

How to Use Our Website & Services Safely

All the content and materials on this website can be used by any user or visitor for the sole purpose of understanding the job application, recruitment, and employment processes. Therefore, you can:

  • Review and copy materials you find on this website, but only for your personal use.
  • Use our content for educational purposes, but only after asking for our team’s permission and explaining the context in which these materials will be used.
  • Quote or reference one or more articles on our website, but only after asking for our team’s permission.

Nevertheless, our team reserves the right to deny such requests for permission.

JobApplicationWorld.com and its associated entities are not responsible or to be held accountable for user contributions and errors or omissions which might turn up throughout our website. Therefore, you as a user or visitor are responsible for any subsequent loss or damage incurred from your use of our website and services, especially contributions posted or transmitted by other users and visitors.


How Not to Use our Website & Services

By using our website, you agree that you will not use our services and website to transmit or make available content that goes against the current laws that govern the online activity. This includes information and all types of files that encourage hateful behavior towards any and all groups or individuals, like harmful, threatening, or questionable materials.

You also may not download, e-mail, send through any means, or make available any content that goes against the patent, trademark, copyright, or any other right of another individual or company. This includes articles in their entirety, fragments, paraphrased articles or fragments, as well as visual and audio materials.

You may not share unsolicited or unauthorized promotional materials and advertising content including junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters, and the like. Other materials you are not allowed to distribute via our website are those containing viruses, pieces of code, files, or programs that are meant to limit the functionality of equipment, be it a computer (both software and hardware) as well as telecommunications equipment.

Lastly, you agree that you will not use this website or our services to violate any international, national, state, or local laws.

User Conduct Rules

This section establishes a set of rules all our visitors and users must abide to ensure that interactions between our team, users, and visitors run smoothly so that we can provide a pleasant, meaningful, and supportive interaction between our users.

Firstly, all visitors and users are allowed to post comments on our articles as long as they agree with and abide by our terms of use. In fact, we encourage conversation and the sharing of thoughts, experiences, and knowledge as long as it’s relevant and within our terms of use.

When posting comments, make sure your contribution is relevant to the content you are posting it on. And given that conversations can easily get out of hand and become chaotic when developing across multiple threads, we advise you to skim through the existing comments to check if your point has not been raised before.

Our team has a strong policy against vulgar and offensive content, including explicit language and text, visual, or audio materials that encourage any type of discrimination. Attempts to make such content available via our website will be punished with a permanent ban.

In addition, attempts to mislead, deceive, or take advantage of our users and visitors including attempts to acquire personal information directly or indirectly will be punished with a permanent ban. Depending on the nature of the attempt, we will also notify the proper authorities.

As a user or visitor, you must inform the JobApplicationWorld team of any activity you notice to go against our rules. This includes harassment, attempts to obtain personal information, and all other activities that go against these terms of use.

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