Target Interview Questions & Answers

By reading the article found here, you can gain a valuable resource regarding your Target interview. You will learn several different interview questions and answers. Here, you will also gain access to a number of useful tips. That should help you make the most of your interview and make a good impression.

About Target

Target is a chain of department stores based in the United States. They sell a variety of products including groceries, shoes, clothing, accessories, make up and more. Around 341,000 people are employed by Target.

Target is typically open from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM depending on the location. Their employees work eight-hour shifts.

Target is hiring for a few positions in their many locations. The positions that you can apply for include the following:

– Cashier

– Sales Team

– Team Leader

– Back Room Team Member

Applying is easy. Just head over to their job search page.

Target Interview Questions

 Below, we have listed a few Target interview questions and answers. Study them in order to perform more confidently at your interview.

  1. Target Interview Q & A for Cashier

Q1: How do you deal with problems you aren’t familiar with in the workplace?

A: I first would try to solve the problem on my own. Taking initiative and responsibility is what I pride myself on. If it turned out that it was too difficult, I would then enlist the help of someone more experienced.

Q2: How do you give great customer service?

A: Customer service, to me, means showing that you care. This can simply be getting the customer the product they want swiftly. It can also be listening to their concerns when they are upset. Treating them as individual people with different wants and needs is crucial to providing excellent customer service.

Q3: Tell me about your skill set.

A: I am self-motivated and always work hard. Doing things halfway is not how I operate. I am a quick learner who is ready to step out of their comfort zone. My customer service skills are impeccable and I am always on time and punctual.

  1. Target Interview Q & A for Sales Team Member

Q1: How would you work with an employee you did not get along with?

A: I recognize that a person is not always going to get along with everyone. The job is more important than making friends to me while it would be nice. I try to resolve the issue. If I can’t, I ignore it. I am at this job to do my work and that is all.

Q2: Are you a good multitasker?

A: I am a great multi-tasker. Working on many things at once seems to make me be a more productive worker. I like to keep my hands and mind occupied. For this reason, I try to keep up with a lot of tasks at a time.

Q3: What is a weakness of yours?

A: I tend to work too hard. Once I get started on something, it can be difficult to pull me away from it. I do not like to leave a project unfinished.

  1. Target Interview Q & A for Team Leader

Q1: How do you handle stress?

A: I take it as it comes. Letting it overwhelm me would only slow me down. I deal with stress by looking at it as an opportunity to grow. Trying times can help me become more patient. Stressful situations are best dealt with by keeping a clear head, and that is what I do.

Q2: Tell me how you motivate your team?

A: I motivate my team by recognizing their hard work. Employees want to feel appreciated. When they do feel appreciated, they tend to want to do more for their company and managers.

Q3: What can you bring to this company?

A: Because of my great leadership skills and experience, I know that I can bring more organization. I am excellent at pulling a team together. Making everyone function as a single unit is my strong suit. By making a happier environment, employees will want to stay around much longer. This means I can help with employee retention.

  1. Target Interview Q & A for Back Room Team Member

Q1: Why do you want to work at Target?

A: I really enjoy jobs that are based on customer service. Your store is one of my favorites to shop at. I would love the chance to get paid to do something I like at a place that I love.

Q2: What can you bring to this position?

A: I am a team player that can make the most out of any negative situation. Working with other people is fun to me, and I know I will be an easy person to work around. I am punctual and fast. Always striving to do my best, I am an efficient worker who wastes no time at my job.

Q3: Are you good at taking direction?

A: I am, especially when it comes to being in a work environment. In order to do my job safely and accurately, I understand that it is important to listen to my manager. They have been trained to do the job the right way; listening to their directions will make the job easier for everyone.

Target Job Interview Tips

Prepare for the interview with the Target interview questions and answers found in this article. You can also take advantage of the tips we have put together below

The tips here will help you get an advantage over the other candidates.

Dress to impress.

You want to show that you are professional from the moment that they lay eyes on you.

Be punctual.

If you come in late to the interview, it shows the manager you are not dependable. Show them you are serious by being on time.

Read about Target.

Appear dedicated to the position by conducting research on the company.

Keep calm.

You want to be as collected as possible so that you can be confident in your interview.

Read interview questions and answers.

Know what to expect by reading online resources like this one.

Final Thoughts

With the Target interview questions and answers in this article, you can get a leg up on the interview. Read over these questions and give them another look before you go into the interview. Check out the tips that are above as well. With this combined, you should ace your interview. When you’re done, come back and let us know how it went in the comments below. If you haven’t applied for a job at Target yet, you may want to read our Target Job Application guide first!

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