Sears Interview Questions & Answers

Sears Interview Questions & Answers

In the article below, we will give you common Sears interview questions and answers. Each of the questions and answers will be geared to the different job openings. We will also give you a couple Sears interview tips. You can use this article in oder to study to help you do your best.

About Sears

Sears is a chain of department stores in America. There are hundreds of Sears stores around the country. Their headquarters is in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Job opportunities include:

  • Cashier
  • Manager
  • Sales associate
  • Stocker

Sears Interview Questions

In this part of the article, we will offer you a few Sears interview questions and answers. These different interview questions and answers will be given depending on the different job opportunities. 

1. Sears Interview Q & A for Cashier

Q1: How do you ensure accuracy when processing sales?

A: I am sure to process each transaction carefully. I do not complete a sale or give back change until I have double checked everything. When I do this, I am also sure to talk to the customer while they are at my register to make them feel comfortable. I always follow company procedure when it comes to processing transactions.

Q2: What would you do to encourage a customer to open a Sears charge card?

A: I would explain in detail all of the benefits that come with a Sears card. I would also stress how much money it could save them in the future and give them all of the other benefits that come with it; I would be sure not to launch into a big story and instead keep it short and sweet.

Q3: What would you do if a customer wanted to return something that conflicted with our return policy?

A: If I was unable to process a return for the customer, I would apologize for the inconvenience. I would then explain the policy to the customer. If they were unhappy, I would do my best to offer an alternative to the problem. 

Sears Interview Q & A for Sales Associate

Q1: What does customer service mean to you?

A: Customer service goes hand in hand with sales in my opinion; if you are not friendly and personable, a person is going to be less likely to want to listen to you. This is especially true when you want to sell them something. Customer service means treating each customer with respect and doing what I can to ensure they leave the store happier than they were when they entered it.

Q2: What would you do if a customer asked you about a product that you did not know anything about?

A: I would explain the product to the best of my ability without lying to them. If they needed more information, I would find someone who could assist me with explaining the product to the customer; the goal is to ensure they leave the store with what they came for.

Q3: How do you approach making sales goals?

A: I am always diligent each day at work in meeting smaller goals; when I meet the smaller goals, it is easier to hit the larger ones. I reward myself personally if I am able to reach these goals. Plus, I am a very goal-oriented person, so it is easy for me to keep sales goals in my sights and achieve them. 

Sears Interview Q & A for Stocker

Q1: What would you do if you saw that an area of the sales floor that you were not assigned to was in need of organizing?

A: I would organize that part of the store, regardless of if I was assigned to it or not. The entire store is my responsibility, not just my department. If the store looks bad in any part, it is a reflection of the company; I want that reflection to be clear and positive.

Q2: What do you like about working on a team?

A: I like working on a team because it makes the work easier. It also helps to make the day go by faster. This helps make employees happier by creating a happier store environment.

Q3: How willing are you to work extra hours and be flexible with your availability?

A: I am very willing to work extra hours, and I am very flexible. 

Sears Interview Q & A for Zone Supervisor

Q1: How do you balance leading a team with meeting your own sales goals?

A: I am able to do this because I have experience. Leading the team is just as important as meeting company goals, so I am sure to prioritize both of them. Because of this, I am able to give equal levels of attention to both.

Q2: What would you do to encourage employees to increase sales?

A: I offer them incentives for their work. I also am sure to praise them when they do meet these goals; recognition and appreciation makes people try harder.

Q3: How would you handle a situation where an employee was consistently late for work?

A: I would sit them down and ask what the problem is and if I could help. If it kept happening, I would issue warnings according to protocol. 

Sears Job Interview Tips

To apply for a job at Sears, simply go online to their official careers site. The job application is a simple, non-time consuming one. It is an average job application that will be similar to other ones you have completed in the past. Questions will probably include:

  • Education history
  • Availability
  • Legal full name
  • Employment history
  • Date of birth
  • Street address

If you would like to see what you can expect from the job application, consult our Sears Job Application & Careers guide. Once you have filled out and completed the application, you must wait to be called for an interview. The waiting period could be anywhere between one and three weeks. Sears typically holds solo interviews. That said, it might be a good idea to prepare for a panel interview just in case.

Sears Job Interview Tips

Don’t be late

Showing up late for the interview will make it look like you do not want to be there. Show up a couple of minutes early in order to show your enthusiasm.

Dress nicely

You can make a good first impression from the moment they lay eyes on you by being well dressed and groomed.

Learn about the company

You can help yourself stand out among the rest by having some knowledge about Sears.

Final Thoughts

In the following article, we have left you with a few different Sears interview questions and answers. We have also given you a couple of Sears interview tips. After you have gotten through the interview, please come back to our site. We want to know about how everything went. Let us know about your interview in the comments section found below.

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