QuikTrip Interview Questions & Answers

QuikTrip Interview Questions & Answers

In this article, we will offer you common QuikTrip interview questions and answers. These questions and answers will be geared toward the different job positions available. We will also provide you with a few interview tips for your Quick Trip interview. Use this article to get ready for your interview.

About QuikTrip

QuikTrip is a chain of gas stations that can be found throughout the United States. There are more than 700 of these locations in around 11 states. The QuikTrip headquarters is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There are many job opportunities for working at Quick Trip. These include:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Food Prep Worker
  • Store Clerk
  • Store Manager
  • Warehouse Worker

Applying for a job at QuikTrip is simple and just requires that you go online to their job page.

QuikTrip Interview Questions

 In this section of the article, we will offer you helpful QuikTrip interview questions and answers. These will likely be questions you will encounter during your interview. They have been broken down by job title.

1. QuikTrip Interview Q & A for Store Clerk

Q1: What does customer service mean to you?

A: Customer service means treating every person like the individual they are. It means showing respect and genuine concern for their happiness in store. Customer service is all about helping the customer have the best experience they can have.

Q2: How can you brighten a customer’s day during an interaction at the counter?

A: You can brighten their day by being friendly and personable. You can ask standard questions about how their day is, but going one step further and trying to engage with them in another way can help. You could also genuinely check and make sure they found everything okay.

Q3: What would you do to manage a long line at the counter?

A: I would try and keep the line moving as quickly as possible. That said, I would not make the customers in my line feel rushed. If it got bad enough, I would get someone else to open up a cash register to help. 

2. QuikTrip Interview Q & A for Assistant Manager

Q1: How would you model good customer service for the team?

A: I model good customer service by always treating the customer with friendliness, attentiveness and respect. Even if the customer gets angry, I show that the best way to handle it is to remain calm. If they have any questions, I will answer them thoroughly.

Q2: What is the best way to handle an upset customer?

A: First of all, the best way to respond to an angry customer is by staying calm. Then, you ask questions to try to figure out what the root of the problem is. Once that issue has been determined, you try to offer solutions to the customer. Once you find the one that makes them the happiest, you go for it.

Q3: How do you inspire teamwork?

A: I inspire teamwork by showing how much easier the day can be if people work together. This usually helps people want to work on a team, because they want their work day to go by faster. 

3. QuikTrip Interview Q & A for Warehouse Worker

Q1: What steps would you take to perform your job safely?

A: I always start by looking through the safety manual in detail. If I have any questions about what the safety manual says, I ask a manager for clarification. Then, I am sure that I am following the guidelines closely. I know that doing my job quickly but unsafely is not the best way to go about things.

Q2: How would you handle a situation where you found out a coworker was stealing?

A: If I found out a coworker was stealing, I would not try to handle it myself; this is because I know the coworker would get upset with me and it would not solve anything. Instead, I would report the information to my manager to be dealt with.

Q3: Why would you be a good fit for a warehouse job?

A: I would be a good fit for a warehouse job because I am able to stand and move for long periods of time. I am okay with doing work that is repetitive; it helps me fall into a rhythm and get a lot of work done more quickly. 

4. QuikTrip Interview Q & A for Food Prep Worker

Q1: How do you maintain quality with every order?

A: I maintain quality by being sure that all of the rules and guidelines are followed. When they are followed, the rest sort of falls in line. I also take special care with each order that is made to ensure that it is made in a way that I would like it.

Q2: What does teamwork mean to you?

A: Teamwork means helping out your coworkers when they need it. It means being able to work together to achieve a common goal and make the workload easier.

Q3: What would you do if you prepared an order wrong?

A: If I made an order wrong, I would apologize to the customer. I would then go back and remake it for them exactly the way they wanted it made. I would not charge them for the second order, either, of course.

QuikTrip Job Interview Tips

 Completing the QuikTrip job application is not hard to do. It just means going online to their job website and answering their basic information questions. The application is rather straightforward and easy to understand. Some of the things you will have to answer include:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Street address
  • Educational history
  • Employment history
  • Availability to work

You can read more about it in our dedicated Quiktrip Job Application & Careers guide. Once you have finished with the application, you will have to wait to be notified for an interview. You will usually have to wait between one and two weeks. Once you have been called in for an interview, you may want to prepare for a solo style interview; these are most common types of QuikTrip interviews.

Learn about the company

Get a bit of information about the company to arm yourself; it will make you appear more interested in the job and eager about working there. This will help you stand out among other applicants as well.

Be on time

If you choose to show up late, it may give them the impression you are uninterested in the job. Instead, make an attempt to show up a few minutes early. Not only will this ensure you are on time, but it will make you look eager for the job as well.

Be well dressed

Dress in business casual clothing and be sure you are well groomed. This will give them a good first impression of you from the start. 

Final Thoughts

In our article, we have given you a few QuikTrip interview questions and answers. We have also left you with a couple different QuikTrip interview tips. Once you have completed your interview with the company, please return to our site. We want to know how it went. Leave us any thoughts or comments you want to share in the comments section below.

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