Top Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Not For Neophytes Only

Top Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Not For Neophytes Only

Pharmaceutical sales is a thriving and lucrative industry, but the question still remains – what is the best way to break into this industry?

It can be daunting, especially for the more introverted crowd who do not see themselves as a direct sale representative, to know the most visible position that attracts attention. While these positions are great for the Kaley Cuocos of the world, fear not if this is not the most enticing role.

There are plenty of positions open in the realm of pharmaceutical sales and they require a variety of personality types. They are all exciting starts to a flourishing career with a much scope for success and room for growth.

10 Perfect Pharmaceutical Sales Positions

The pharmaceutical sales industry does also include jobs outside of direct sales representative positions that might attract those who prefer not to be on the front lines. Here are the top ten pharmaceutical sales jobs for entry-level candidates.

1. LifeSci Advisors - Junior Relationship Manager - New York City

LifeSci Advisors

This position requires working well internally within a company, as well as being able to communicate with clients.

The Junior Relationship Manager is expected to both cultivate relationships with potential new clients in order to bring in added business as well as nurture already existing business clients. These responsibilities work in support of the Senior Relationship Manager.

The ideal candidate is expected to have a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field. The day-to-day responsibilities of this position include working on projects to cater to client needs as well as prepare agendas for client meetings.

This position could be ideal for someone who wants client interaction but also still has the opportunity to experience other kinds of work including more administrative tasks.

2. Lazar Partners, Ltd. - Public Relations Junior Associate - New York City

public relation officer

This position explores a different aspect of the pharmaceutical sales industry. It focuses on the overlap between pharmaceutical sales and public relations.

Lazar Partners in a small agency that focuses on public relations for companies in the healthcare industry. Expectations for this position include a bachelor’s degree and a high level of organization, as well as research and social media experience.

Responsibilities will include interacting with client and understanding their needs as well as working on the deliverables they desire. It will also include administrative work including scheduling as well as monitoring media hits.

This role is perfect for someone looking to overlap their interest in science and media.

3. Bell-Mark - Regional Sales Manager - Pine Brook, NJ

regional sales manager

Bell-Mark is a company that works on manufacturing products for pharmaceutical sales as well as items such as medical devices.

This managerial position will include overseeing sales and business strategies. They are expected to hit sales targets, as well as pursue new clients as profit-making avenues in order to exceed targets. Working with existing and new clients means there will be traveling involved in this role.

This position is ideal for someone looking to take on a role of responsibility as a manager but is also enthusiastic about sales and interacting with existing and potential clients.

4. Syneos Health Commercial Solutions - Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Tulsa, OK

sale representative

This position is the traditional sale representative position. It requires being able to understand and explain the scientific aspects of the products as well as interact with existing and new clients in an engaging and friendly manner.

Nurturing relationships with clients is key to successfully fulfilling this role as well as following up with deliverables and helping clients work through business plans. Cultivating an outgoing and friendly demeanor is important to be comfortable in this position.

5. Facilities and IT Helpdesk Administrator - Align - New York City

Facilities and IT Helpdesk Administrator

For those who are more tech savvy with an understanding of both the Windows and Apple operating systems, this position is a great way to use those skills in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

The expectations of this position include being able to troubleshoot the software for the OS listed above, as a well as work on hardware issues. This role also requires basic maintenance work around the office as well as an ability to interact with clients.

Candidates with experience working with computers and a desire to work adjacent to pharmaceutical sales would be well suited for this role.

6. Entry Level Operator - Ashland - Kearny, NJ

forklift loader worker

This is a chemicals company that has a division in pharmaceutical production. Candidates with a high school equivalent degree can apply. Candidates must also be qualified to operate a forklift and be willing to lift up to 50 pounds as needed.

The role is eligible for overtime work during long hours and weekend work. This operator is needed to facilitate production in the pharmaceutical division of the company and would report to the Production Supervisor.

For a candidate looking to work in pharmaceutical sales, this role could be a foot in the door to learn more about the process of production and the science behind it in an immersive environment in order to better sell it in the future.

It is a valuable opportunity for those who may not have the educational background to qualify right away for a sales representative position but aspires to acquire the knowledge and experience to pursue it.

7. WraSer Pharmaceutical - Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Atlanta, GA

WraSer Pharmaceutical negotaition with the customer

For someone looking to break into the world of pharmaceutical sales in the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, this could be the perfect role in which to begin a career.

The role comes with an expectation of client interaction in order to increase revenue by catering to the needs of the clients. The position requires meetings with clients and cultivating relationships with existing clients as well as pursue new clients in order to drive profits higher by bringing new business to the company.

The Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is also expected to interact with clients regarding their concerns and issues as well as to pursue the deliverables requested. This role would require a friendly and outgoing demeanor in order to attract new business to the company. The position requires that candidates be able to negotiate as well as be comfortable on phone calls.

8. Copywriter - Entree Health - New York City


This role is perfect for those with an interest in pharmaceutical sales but are not comfortable being as outgoing as a pharmaceutical sales representative requires.

A bachelor’s degree in communications or a similar major is required and some expertise in the realm of pharmaceutical sale is preferred.

The requirements of the position include being able to develop an effective strategy to target a variety of audiences and demographics to introduce the brand. The candidate should have an understanding of effective media tactics in both print and digital media worlds. For a writer with interest in advertising and science, this role is a perfect fit.

9. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Publicis Healthcare Communications Group - Brooklyn, NY

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

A motivated candidate not afraid to take initiative and engage with clients would fit into this role, as with the other pharmaceutical sales roles mentioned.

A bachelor’s degree is required as effective communications skills in order to relay to the clients the value of the product. The candidate should be able to maintain relationships with existing clients as well as create new ones in order to increase business volume. Having a knowledge of or being able to quickly learn the ins and outs of the science behind the products of these pharmaceutical sales is key to being able to effectively sell these products.

A fair amount of traveling is required to meet with clients. Outgoing and friendly people will thrive in a role like this.

10. Business Development Associate - Opal Group - New York City

business partner

For employees looking to work in the business end of the pharmaceutical sales industry, this position at Opal Group is a great opportunity.

The role requires potential employees to be able to cultivate long-term relationships with clients as well as develop business plans to ensure the long-term commercial success of the company’s products in the healthcare industry.

The role requires a Bachelor’s degree and offers healthcare benefits as well as a base salary with an opportunity for commission based earnings, as with the other pharmaceutical sales roles.

The position requires developing conferences in the healthcare realm as well as working on attendance numbers. The Business Development Associate role requires a significant amount of travel in order to personally interact with clients.

Potential hires should be comfortable driving as well as engaging with existing and potential clients. If so, there is much room to grow both professionally and financially.

Take Your Pick

In the lucrative realm of pharmaceutical sales, there are many opportunities of which to take advantage.

Though the most common role is that of a Pharmaceutical Sale Representative, this role requires an outgoing and engaging personality, which is not the ideal position for introverts.

The variety of opportunity in the field allows for an array of personalities to enter the field, including in positions such as copywriting and public relations, facilitating the marketing end of pharmaceutical sales rather than direct client interaction for those uncomfortable with it.

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