Holiday Inn Interview Questions & Answers

Holiday Inn Interview Questions & Answers

In this article, we will provide you with Holiday Inn interview questions and answers. These questions and answers will be geared toward specific job opportunities. We will also provide you with a few different interview tips to help you get ready. You can use this article to study for your upcoming interview.

About Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is a hotel chain. It is a part of the IHG hotel group. Holiday Inn locations can be found all across the globe in many different countries. These hotels are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They offer morning, afternoon, evening and overnight shifts. There are many job opportunities, including:

  • Back Office Manager
  • Food And Beverage Associate
  • Front Desk Agent
  • Front Office Manager
  • Housekeeper
  • Night Auditor

The job application process is a simple one and can be completed online. It only takes a few minutes of your time. The interview process is said to last for around half an hour.

Holiday Inn Interview Questions

In this section of our article, we will offer you a look at typical Holiday Inn interview questions and answers. These Holiday Inn interview questions and answers will be geared toward specific jobs. Choose the one that applies to the job you are interested in.  

Holiday Inn Interview Q & A for Front Desk Agent

Q1: What do you like about customer service jobs?

A: I like customer service jobs because I genuinely enjoy helping people. It makes me feel good to work in a place where I can be of service to someone. That is one of the main reasons I want a job in hospitality.

Q2: How do you deal with an angry guest?

A: I start by trying to do what I can to make them happy. This includes being sure that all of their needs are met and offering them solutions. I try to figure out the root of their problem and fix it from the ground up.

Q3: Are you comfortable working on a team?

A: I am very comfortable working on a team. I find that working on a team makes the time go by faster. It also helps to take some of the stress off of other employees; this creates a more pleasant environment for employees and guests alike. 

Holiday Inn Interview Q & A for Night Auditor

Q1: Are you comfortable working without supervision?

A: I am definitely comfortable with this idea. It is easy for me to self motivate and get my work done without someone always watching me. I am a very responsible person and I believe that shows when I am left alone.

Q2: Are you comfortable working entirely on your own?

A: I am comfortable with this. I am a person who enjoys the sense of accomplishment and responsibility that comes with working alone. It makes me feel capable and in control, and being the one in charge of the hotel for the night would be rewarding for me.

Q3: What can you bring to the Holiday Inn team?

A: I am a responsible and punctual person who always puts my job before anything else. I take what I do seriously and am sure to always do a thorough job at whatever I am doing. I am approachable and friendly and I know that guests will find me easy to talk to.

Holiday Inn Interview Q & A for Food and Beverage Associate

Q1: Are you a morning person?

A: I am definitely a morning person. After I wake up is when I feel the most energized. For this reason, I know working in a position that requires me to be awake and functional at an early hour is one that will suit me. I will be able to be awake and alert during my job.

Q2: Do you enjoy being around people?

A: I love to be around people. I find that being around other people is energizing and helps keep me alert at work. I also genuinely enjoy talking to and getting to know new people; the idea of working around them is fun to me.

Q3: Are you a quick learner?

A: I learn very quickly and am able to easily adapt to change. I pride myself on being able to do a number of different jobs at work because I can learn the duties quickly.

Holiday Inn Interview Q & A for Housekeeper

Q1: Are you good at multitasking?

A: I am great at multitasking. I think it helps to make me more productive and get things done sooner.

Q2: Are you good at working by yourself?

A: I prefer to work by myself. I am able to self motivate and get my work done quickly when on my own.

Q3: Are you a people person?

A: I am definitely a people person. I like to talk to new people and look forward to a job in hospitality for this reason. 

Holiday Inn Interview Tips  

The job application process for Holiday Inn is a simple one. It can be taken online. This job application consists of standard job application questions that you have likely filled out in the past. Once you have completed the job application, it can take around a week or week and a half before you hear back from them. Read our Holiday Inn job application for more information about this phase of the hiring process.

Once you hear back from them for an interview, you will likely interview with the general manager. The interview process usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. The interview is almost always a solo interview, so the attention will all be on you. Apart from trying to anticipate a few of the Holiday Inn interview  questions, and preparing a few appropriate answers, there are a couple of other things that can help you with the Holiday Inn job interview.

Be on Time

If you show up late for the interview, it will reflect poorly on you; it may make it look like you are not eager about the job. Try to show up 10 minutes early to ensure you are on time and that you are enthusiastic about the job opportunity.

Dress Well

If you want to make a good first impression on the interviewer, it is important that you look nice. Be clean and in business casual clothing if you can.

Learn about the company

It never hurts to know a little about the place you are applying for. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided you with Holiday Inn interview questions and answers. We have also given you some interview tips to help you succeed during the interview. Once you have completed the interview, please return to our site. We want to know how it went. Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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