Hobby Lobby Interview Questions & Answers

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions & Answers

In this article, we will provide helpful information on the Hobby Lobby interview questions and answers. We will also present you with helpful tips for making the most out of your interview. This should give you a brief study guide to use to better excel at your upcoming interview.

About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a craft store. They have around 600 stores currently in operation, with their first store located in Oklahoma City. This company offers jobs in these positions:

  • Corporate
  • Distribution
  • Retail hourly
  • Store management
  • Trucking

You can get a job working under any of these levels depending on your desires and your skills. Hours worked by Hobby Lobby employees are shifts between the hours of 9AM to 8PM every day, except for Sunday. The employees are paid well at Hobby Lobby, and the benefits are nice for retail positions.

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions

In this portion of the article, we will provide you with concrete Hobby Lobby interview questions and answers for multiple job openings.

1. Hobby Lobby Interview Q & A for Co-Manager

Q1: Are you willing to take directions from another manager?
A: I am. A manager shouldn’t be able to roam the store and do as they please, and I look forward to the critique and guidance that I will get from my superiors and other managers on my level. 
Q2: How do you deal with an unhappy customer?
A: I first remind myself that customers get angry when they do not feel heard. This causes them to overreact. The first thing I do is be sure that I listen to them and hear them out. Once they have spoken, I do whatever is in my power to resolve the issue and make them happy again. I understand that every customer has unique needs that must be met. 
Q3: What do you like about Hobby Lobby?
A: I love that Hobby Lobby allows me to enjoy my favorite hobbies at low prices. Everything that I like to do, I can find it at Hobby Lobby. I would love to work in an environment like that. 

2. Hobby Lobby Interview Q & A for Store Manager

Q1: Are you willing to work with your team on the floor?
A: I am. Being a manager means leading the team and not just bossing them around. It is important to be a team player in order to get employees to listen to and like working with you. 
Q2: What do you do if an employee does not want to do a task you have assigned them?
A: If an employee does not want to complete a task, I will first ask them why this is. Once they have told me why, I will explain that I would do the task myself, even as a manager. Then I would give them a final chance to complete the task. If they have not, I will issue the appropriate warning or disciplinary measure. 
Q3: Why do you want to work for Hobby Lobby?
A: I am passionate about arts and crafts. Working around people who also enjoy what I do would be rewarding for me. 

3. Hobby Lobby Interview Q & A for Department Head

Q1: Why do you want to work for Hobby Lobby?
A: I want to work for Hobby Lobby because I am a very crafty person. I enjoy doing artsy things and I will get to be surrounded by these sorts of things at work every day. I am also a lover of customer service and will be able to brighten my customer’s day naturally. 
Q2: Are you comfortable disciplining employees?
A: I am comfortable doing this. Being a manager means more than just telling people what tasks to complete; sometimes it means correcting behaviors and practices as well. 
Q3: Why should we choose you?
A: Hobby Lobby should hire me because I am a hard worker. I pride myself on my sense of responsibility, especially when it comes to my work ethic. I am always on time and am generally reliable; I always do what I say I am going to do. 

4. Hobby Lobby Interview Q & A for Cashier

Q1: What does customer service mean to you?
A: Customer service means treating people as individuals and recognizing that everyone needs something different. It means doing whatever I can to make a customer happy. 
Q2: What do you do when you have a disagreement with a coworker?
A: I would first try to resolve the issue with the coworker myself. This is because I do not want to involve a manager if I don’t have to. If it comes to it, I will involve a manager. 
Q3: Are you good at working on a team?
A: Yes. I am great at working on a team, and in fact, I prefer it over other types of work styles. Working on a team allows me the chance to help people. It also means getting work done much more quickly than usual, which makes for happy employees. When the employees are happy, the work environment is happier; this creates a happier place for the customers to be in as well. 

Hobby Lobby Job Interview Tips

Applying for Hobby Lobby is a simple process. Their site is easy to navigate, and filling out the application is simple. It asks you standard questions such as your contact information, education, work history, screening questions, and more. You must be able to pass a drug test in order to work for this store. Once you have, you can take the interview portion on.

The interview will typically happen one or two weeks after you have applied for the job. The interviews will usually be in a solo format, but there is the possibility of you having to interview on a panel, so be prepared for that just in case.

Be on time

If you do not show up on time, it will make you look like you do not want the job. This will reflect poorly and will make them think you are also not a punctual person.

Dress well

Your first impression is important, so dress nicely and make a good one.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have compiled a list of helpful Hobby Lobby interview question and answers for you to use. Study these tips and read the interview questions a few times before going in. After you have completed your interview, come back to our page. We want to know how everything went in the comments section below.

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