GameStop Interview Questions & Answers

GameStop Interview Questions & Answers

In the article presented below, you will be given helpful information including some tips about getting a job at GameStop. This article will give you a number of the most frequently asked GameStop interview questions and answers. Below, you will also be given a selection of interview tips to help you to do a good job at your interview with GameStop.

About GameStop

GameStop is an international retail chain company. This company is known for selling and buying games and gaming gear. The chain has locations found all across the country, but the GameStop headquarters is located at 625 Westport Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 76051.

Currently, GameStop is hiring for a variety of positions. These positions include game advisors, sales associates, and managerial jobs.

Hours that are worked on average by GameStop employees include:

Monday through Friday: 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM

You can always check the GameStop store locator. This will let you know what your local GameStop hours will be. If you need more information about employment at GameStop, we recommend reading our guide to the GameStop job application & careers.

GameStop Interview Questions

In the following portion of the article below, you will find the most frequently asked GameStop interview questions and answers. By reading this section, you can prepare yourself for your upcoming interview.

1. GameStop Interview Q & A for Game Advisor

Q1: What do you like about video games?
A: I love video games because they are fun. They bring my friends and me together and help me meet new people. Video games are interactive stories that I get just as lost in as films and TV shows. 
Q2: Why do you want to work at GameStop?
A: I want to work at GameStop because I love games. Being surrounded by people who love games as much as I do sounds great. I love working with people, so this would combine two of my favorite things. 
Q3: How would you sell a video game that you do not personally enjoy playing?
A: I would find out what kind of game style the customer enjoys. Then, I would objectively point out how the game possesses those features. I’d talk about its rating in the gaming community as well. 

2. GameStop Interview Q & A for Sales Associate

Q1: Why are you a good choice for working at our company?
A: I am very responsible and punctual; taking my job seriously is important to me. Working on a team and working around people is exciting to me. I like to feel like I am contributing to something bigger than myself. I am also able to learn new things quickly and accurately. 
Q2: How do you resolve problems that you have with another employee?
A: I solve any conflict that I have by trying to fix the issue without management first. If it becomes necessary, I will involve management. I don’t want things getting out of hand, so sometimes bothering a manager is necessary. 
Q3: What does customer service mean to you?
A: I define customer service as the ability to truly care for a customer. Giving a customer your time and respect is important. Really listening to their wants and needs is crucial to a good experience. If a customer feels truly cared about, that customer will come back. 

3. GameStop Interview Q & A for Assistant Store Manager

Q1: Are you skilled at dealing with irate customers? How?
A: Yes. I understand that the foundation of every frustrated customer is an issue that hasn’t been cared about. If you show the customer that you truly care, they will often calm down. By listening and looking at the true cause of the problem, I can work to resolve it fully. 
Q2: Are you passionate about video games?
A: I am. Video games are my favorite pastime. I spend more time playing games than indulging in any other hobby. I love to talk about video games and play them with friends. 
Q3: Are you a good multitasker?
A: I am an excellent multitasker. My best work is done when I have a lot going on. I seem to become more productive when I have more than one deadline that I need to meet. Working in a fast paced environment is preferable for this reason. 

4. GameStop Interview Q & A for Store Manager

Q1: How do you adapt to new changes in a company's policy?
A: Whether I like the change or not, I deal with it. I also work to ensure that my employees understand it.  Helping them comfortably move forward with the change is important as well. I believe change is impossible to avoid and welcome it with open arms. 
Q2: Are you comfortable with taking the lead?
A: Yes. I am a leader by nature; taking control of a situation is easy for me. I am always the one to tell people how to get moving. Naturally motivating people is another strong suit of mine. 
Q3: How do you deal with correcting or disciplining an employee?
A: I do so firmly but politely. When I issue corrective action, I explain why it is happening. I always give the employee a chance to explain themselves as well. This helps to foster a trusting relationship in the future. 

GameStop Job Interview Tips

Below, we will give you some different GameStop interview tips. Keep these tips in mind while heading into the interview. You can keep them in mind along with our GameStop interview questions and answers. This will help you succeed in your interview.

Show The True You
Be sure to show your personality off. Do not go over the top, but ensure that the hiring manager gets a taste of who you are.

Research the Company
It is important that you know at least a little bit about GameStop. This will show your true interest in the job that you are applying for.

Dress Well
You want to wear clothing that shows you are professional. Don’t worry about dressing formally. Instead, go for a semi-casual look. Show that you take care of your appearance. This will be important to your potential employer.

Final Thoughts

Keep the article above on hand to help you do a nice job in your interview. Feel free to save the article for later. Beforehand, while you are preparing for your interview, take a minute to read the GameStop interview questions and answers once again. Also, be sure to keep the tips we have given you in mind!

After you are done with the interview, come back to our site; we would like to hear all about how the interview itself went! Leave us a note with your thoughts, questions, and opinions in the comments below.

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