Chili’s Interview Questions & Answers

Chili’s Interview Questions & Answers

Chili’s is a restaurant chain. They are typically always hiring for one position or another. In this article, we will detail helpful Chili’s interview questions and answers to get you prepared for your interview. We will also offer interview tips for doing your best during the interview.

About Chili’s

Chili’s is a bar and grill that specializes in creating Tex-Mex and Southwestern style food. This restaurant has over 1,606 locations in the world and employs thousands of people. Hours typically worked are anywhere between 11AM and 10PM. Currently, they are hiring for a few different positions. These include:

  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Host and hostess
  • Manager
  • Server

Chili’s is usually always hiring at one of their locations, and they offer some of the best benefits and highest paying positions in the chain restaurant industry. For this reason, these jobs are highly sought after.

Chili’s Interview Questions

In this section of the article, we will provide you with helpful Chili’s interview questions and answers. You can use these to study so that you are prepared for the job that you want to interview for.

1. Chili’s Interview Q & A for Hostess

Q1: Are you comfortable greeting people first?
A: I am. Talking to people and making them feel at home is one of my best traits as a person. 
Q2: How do you handle a disgruntled customer?
A: I try to first figure out what it is that is making them angry. Usually, it is because they feel like they are not being heard. Once they calm down, I try to do whatever is in my power to make them happy. If I can’t, then I will involve a manager. 
Q3: What does customer service mean to you?
A: Customer service means treating each person like an individual. This means not allowing previous negative interactions flow over into the new interaction with the new customer. It also means recognizing that everyone is unique and different, and is going to have different needs that I need to respect and comply with. 

2. Chili’s Interview Q & A for Server

Q1: Are you a people person?
A: I am definitely a people person. I think that I do my best work when I am surrounded by people, as they give me more energy. Engaging with customers is also one of my favorite parts about jobs like this, as I get to learn about and meet new people. I have great customer service skills. 
Q2: Are you good at working on a team?
A: I am great at working on a team. While I understand the value and importance of being able to work alone, I know that teamwork makes everything run more smoothly. Work gets done more efficiently and easily as a team, which creates a happier environment for the employees. When the employees are happy, the customers are also happier. 
Q3: Do you enjoy physically demanding jobs?
A: Yes. I like jobs that keep me moving, and I know I would love this one because of it. 

3. Chili’s Interview Q & A for Manager

Q1: What would you do if an employee refused to do a task?
A: I would first ask them why they do not want to do it and hear them out. Then, I would explain that the task I am asking them to do is something that I would have done myself, explaining that this is what it means to be part of a team. I would then give them another chance to do it. If they won’t, I would issue a warning. 
Q2: What can you bring to the company?
A: I am always on time and eager to work. Nothing is more important to me than my career, so I am always performing at my best. I am friendly and personable. 
Q3: Why do you want to be a manager?
A: I am a natural born leader who is comfortable taking charge. 

4. Chili’s Interview Q & A for Cook

Q1: Are you good at working on a team?
A: I am great at working on a team. I understand that working on a team often makes the day go by faster. It also makes for a more pleasant work environment for the employees, and a happier dining environment for the guests. 
Q2: Why do you want to work at Chili's?
A: I want to work at Chili’s because I love the restaurant. Working here would give me an opportunity to fine-tune my cooking skills as well. I love getting to know people, and I think this would give me that opportunity. Plus, I like to work on a team. 
Q3: What makes you a good employee?
A: I am a punctual and professional person. I pride myself on my sense of responsibility, and I never skirt corners. Whatever I do, I always do it right, and that includes my job. I am friendly, personable, and able to get along with just about anyone. 

Chili’s Job Interview Tips

Applying for a job at Chili’s is a simple thing to do. Their application is found online and only takes a few minutes of your time. You can upload a resume or choose to enter the information manually. Once you have applied for the job, you will be called in for an interview. On average, this can take around a week or a week and a half. At the interview, you will likely be interviewed alone. That said, it is possible to be on a panel interview with more than one person as well.

Dress Nicely

Make a good first impression by dressing the part for the interview. You want them to approve of you from the first time that they see you.

Be on Time

Showing up late makes you look irresponsible. They may also think that you are going to be late for your shifts if you are not even able to make it to the interview on time.

Know Your Stuff

It will impress the company if you have researched a little bit about them. This will show you are truly interested in the job, and will make you look eager.

Final Thoughts

We have offered a few different tips as well as Chili’s interview questions and answers in this article. Use them to do well on the interview. Once the interview is over, come back to our site. Leave us a note in the comments section below about how everything went.

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