Burlington Coat Factory Interview Questions & Answers

Learn about the Burlington Coat Factory interview questions and answers process within this article. Here, you will gain a few tips on how to ace an interview. You will also learn a few common questions that are asked during interviews with Burlington Coat Factory.

About Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is a retail chain that sells designer clothing, baby products, accessories, furnishings, and shoes. Their stores are located all across the United States. Burlington Coat Factory’s schedule of hours that employees work in shifts typically are:

Monday through Saturday: 9:30 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

Currently, Burlington Coat Factory is hiring for a number of positions in their stores. These positions include:

  • Customer service associate
  • Sales Associates
  • Loss Prevention
  • Cashier

To apply for Burlington Coat Factory, you can go into the store or use their official Burlington Coat Factory careers page. Find out more about how to submit a stellar application in our Burlington Coat Factory job application guide.

Burlington Coat Factory Interview Questions 

This portion of the article will help you prepare for the interview with Burlington Coat Factory. You will learn some of the Burlington Coat Factory interview questions that are commonly asked. Good answers to respond to these questions with will also be given to you.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Interview Q & A for Cashier

Q1: What would you do if you had to deal with a difficult customer?

A: I would remain calm throughout the interaction. Representing the store in a positive light is important, even during these times. I would ensure that the customer is getting the help that they need by asking questions about their unhappiness. Steps would be taken to give the customer what they are looking for in a timely manner.

Q2: In your opinion, what is good customer service?

A: Treating customers like the individual people they are is the first step. I always treat each interaction uniquely in order to accommodate unique needs. Asking detailed questions about what they need and listening to concerns is important as well. A happy customer is one who feels cared about.

Q3: What skills can you offer this company?

A: I am very good at dealing with difficult people. My time management skills are excellent, making me a punctual person. I learn quickly and adapt to changes just as fast. Customer service is my strong suit and my priority.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Interview Q & A for Sales Associate

Q1: Why do you want to work for Burlington Coat Factory?

A: I am a sales-oriented person and am good in sales positions. Understanding how to market and up-sell products to specific customer needs is my strong suit. For this reason, I believe my skills would be useful here.

Q2: How would you respond if a customer asked you for a product that was out of stock?

A: I would first apologize for the inconvenience of the matter. After that, I would offer different ways for the customer to get the item. This includes ordering it special-order for them or notifying them when we get the item back in stock.

Q3: What do you hope to accomplish as a sales associate here?

A: I hope to fine-tune my sales skills and approaches. My experience has taught me a lot about selling products. I believe Burlington Coat Factory could help me to improve upon my existing knowledge.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Interview Q & A for Loss Prevention

Q1: What action would you take if a customer ran out of the door with an arm full of merchandise?

A: Apprehend them with no hesitation. I would run out and follow them out to their vehicle and stop them from loading the car. One chance would be given for them to give me the merchandise back before I took it from them. I would then bring them to security and call the police. 

Q2: Are you a team player?

A: Yes. I believe that working with a team is the best way to achieve a goal. Working alone can be inefficient and more stressful than the alternative. On a team, people can help each other to get more work done at once.

Q3: Would you be willing to monitor cameras? Would you walk around the store?

A: I would be willing to do both. Loss prevention, to me, is a proactive job. This means I would have to take initiative and get up close and personal to do my job the right way.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory Interview Q & A for Store Manager

Q1: What do you know about turnover rates? What would you do to slow that rate?

A: The turnover rate is how quickly employees quit their jobs or are fired after being hired. To lower that rate, I would ensure my employees were happy. This includes listening to their concerns and finding viable solutions.

 Q2: How do you motivate your team?

A: I like to offer small incentives for metrics that have been met. Having potlucks, giving out gift certificates and generally showing my appreciation goes a long way. I like to foster a happy work environment. 

Q3: What would your previous employer say about your style of leadership?

A: They would agree that I am very self-motivated and believe in creating a happy place to work. I am friendly yet assertive; strict without being a tyrant. Employees feel safe coming to me with their concerns because they know I can solve them.

Burlington Coat Factory Job Interview Tips

The hiring process at Burlington Coat Factory is a simple one, and the same can be said about the Burlington Coat Factory interview questions and answers portion as well. You will get a phone call after applying. During this call, you will set up an interview time and date. The interview itself will either be a one-on-one interview or a panel interview.

To perform at your best, follow the tips below:

Prepare for the interview

Read articles like this one to get an understanding of the interview questions and overall process.

Dress for success

You want to look approachable and well kept. Making a good first impression goes a long way.

Don’t be late

If you show up late for your interview, it will reflect poorly on you. Your employer will likely think that you are not reliable.

Final Thoughts

By reading this article, you have taken a step toward interview preparation with Burlington Coat Factory. Learning the Burlington Coat Factory interview questions and answers process is the first step; learning a little about the company will help better your chances of success. Leave a comment or question below and let us know your thoughts on the interview process.

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