Why Business Skills Are In Demand

Why Business Skills Are In Demand

Business Skills Are In Demand

With the ever-changing business landscape of the 21st century, employees must be versatile enough to keep up with an unstable economy. Technology is one of the driving forces behind these changes, and in 20 years, many jobs usually done by human beings will be no more.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a thing of the now. It is no longer coming, but it is here.

Graham Winfrey, Inc’s senior editor wrote, “In the near future, smart machines and systems will automate many jobs that exist today, changing the nature of skills that are in high demand. As social technologies play a more important role in value creation, skills such as social intelligence and new media literacy, among others, will become increasingly important for workers.”

Smart machine technology is already in our homes, offices, on our streets and in many factories across the world. So how will we contend? How will people compete in an ever-changing society?

Well for one, we have to adapt and to do this means that we must learn as many new skills as possible, both physical but mostly transferable skills.

Today, business skills are in demand.

The Importance of Having Transferable Skills

Companies look out for workers who are versatile and have transferable skills. Yes, education and other competencies directly associated with the job are important. But business skills are just as important.

People with these skills are actively sought out by employers.

According to Global Talent, “These are skills and attributes that can be used in many job settings. In job applications and interviews, highlight your abilities in these three most important areas.”

They include:

  • “The ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, and learn new skills.”
  • “A positive attitude and the ability to be a responsible employee.”
  • “The ability to work effectively as part of a team.”
  • “Customer service skills”
  • “Leadership and teaching abilities”
  • “Computer skills”

So, if you have any of the skills above make certain to highlight them on your resume. This can be the difference between getting lost in the pile or rising to the top of the batch.

The Top Transferable Skills that are ‘In Demand’ in 2018

The Business News Daily recently released a listing of over 39 top skills that employers are actively seeking on the job market. For good reason, there is a plethora of competencies in the top 30 that are computer skills related.

These statistics were compiled from LinkedInUpwork and Opportunity. Here is the listing below.

    1. “Cloud and distributed computing”
    1. “Statistical analysis and data mining”
    1. “Mobile development”
    1. “Storage systems and management”
    1. “User interface design”
    1. “Network and information security”
    1. “Middleware and integration software”
    1. “Web architecture and development framework”
    1. “Algorithm design”
    1. “Java development”
    1. “Machine learning”
    1. “Tableau software”
    1. “User experience design”
    1. “C++ programming”
    1. “MySQL programming”
    1. “Pardot marketing”
    1. “Social media management”
    1. “Project management professional (PMP)”
    1. “Swift development”
    1. “Chat support”
    1. “Android development”
    1. “Unity 3D game development”
    1. “Shopify development”
    1. “Video editing”
    1. “AutoCAD”
    1. “Facebook marketing”
    1. “API development”
    1. “Content writing”
    1. “.NET framework”
    1. “WordPress development”
    1. “Direct sales”
    1. “Sales management”
    1. “Business development”
    1. “Customer service”
    1. “Account management”
    1. “Accounting”
    1. “Salesforce”
  1. “Sales operations”

Stephane Kasrie, CEO of the top-ranked freelancer website, Upwork, stated that we should look towards the growing demand for freelancers because it is in this area that we will see the growing trends of today’s businesses.

One of the capabilities of Upwork is the skills training and testing component that allows freelancers to take charge of “their own career progression and act on this by getting trained and tested on emerging skills earlier than the traditional workforce.”

Trends in the Global Market

online marketing

More and more employers are awakening to the prevalence of online marketing and social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are now the dominators in the marketing and communications industries.

Employers are on the Hunt

They have come to realize that channel marketing, search engine optimization and marketing campaign management skills are integral to get ahead and tap into the global and internet marketplace.

However, those were the top skills from three years ago. Now, there is no more a demand because the market is saturated with these professionals. Today, employers are on the hunt for a different category of workers.

The Skills are Needed All Across the Global

Right across the world, the number one request is for people with cloud and distributed computing skills. Since 2016, this has held the top spot in countries like the Spain, United States, Singapore, Ireland, India, Germany and France.

After that statistical analysis and data mining follows a close second.

Employers Want to Be Ahead of the Pack

Companies want to be the forerunners when it comes to creating avant-garde technology. And having employees with these business skills put them ahead of the pack and makes them highly competitive.

Data Needs to Be More Engaging

With people having short attention spans, employers are looking for talent that can arrange verbose data into something more visually appealing.

This translates into associative data presentation skills like coding, website development, mobile development, video editing among other business skills.

It is important that customers are able to digest large amounts of data in smaller and more appealing chunks.

User Interface Design is Trending Upwards

Billions of people around the world have access to mobile technology. In fact, online shopping generates hundreds of billions of dollars across numerous industries. For this reason, it is highly important for companies to remain competitive and have their own user interface designers.

Mobile apps, android technology and other quick access gadgets are used numerous times a day.

With this much money on the line, it is important that you include these competencies in your cover letter and resume. It will make you a top contender for any job position.

How to Acquire the Top Business Skills

Writing business plan

Considering the demand for these transferable skills, it is imperative that you obtain as many as is possible. Here are some tips on how to acquire some of the top skills that are in demand right now.

Content Writing

These writers are responsible for the creation of texts for advertisements, public relations outlets and promotional brochures. They have to word texts to support visual presentations appropriately. The task usually requires a great deal of creativity and imagination and the ability to formulate ideas quickly.

Content writers are required to possess a first degree in English or Journalism. Alternate requirements would be a portfolio of work that the incumbent has prepared or other marketing courses derived from psychology and communication. In addition to having a strong background in writing, it would be helpful to have taken some classes in technical writing and interactive media.

Sales Managers

They are directly responsible for the performance of their teams and sales outcomes. These managers are not limited to any industry but they strive to increase a company’s profit margins through sales. Sales managers must be motivators, to help their teams achieve their targets.

Employers regard experience and an excellent performance when hiring Sales Managers. They require managers to be dependable and dynamic, with proven results on the job. Having a degree in sales, marketing or any business related area is beneficial to a graduate as well. In areas where sales managers sell technical products, a degree relevant to that industry is necessary.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is highly regarded in business and has now been acknowledged at a higher level in the educational arena.

Companies must consistently implement and execute quality customer service policies or face repercussions for their businesses. This may include losing clients and/or experiencing a decrease in profits. Various organizations have conducted research that proves treating your clients well directly translates to higher profit margins.

Jobs at the highest level in customer service must be done by persons of the appropriate aptitude and who find it rewarding. For them to do their jobs successfully, they are given total control and far-reaching decision-making powers to resolve the issues of clients.

Study Software Engineering to Master Majority of the Skills

Studyshots Photography for the Education Sector

This field involves designing and creating software applications that serve a number of utilities in a computer. Software Engineering also takes in coding and these codes serve as instructions necessary in shaping or coming up with an application.

Technology is changing at a very fast rate and it is important that Software Engineers keep up with the latest trend if they still want to be marketable in the industry. This you can see from the list and studying Software Engineering can help you many of those top skills above including:

    1. “Middleware and integration software”
    1. “Web architecture and development framework”
    1. “Algorithm design”
    1. “Java development”
    1. “Machine learning”
    1. “Tableau software”
    1. “User experience design”
    1. “C++ programming”
    1. “MySQL programming”
  1. “.NET framework”

Software Engineering requires a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Information Systems or Computer Science. The Engineering program should take a minimum of four years. Candidates also have the opportunity to choose a degree program in Engineering and Computer Science.

Advanced degree in Mathematics and Systems Designs makes your chances of being selected by an employer higher than that of a person who only has a bachelor’s degree in the related field.

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