IHOP Interview Questions & Answers

IHOP Interview Questions & Answers

In this article, we will help you prepare for your interview at IHOP. We will do this through a selection of IHOP interview questions and answers. We will also offer you different tips that you can take advantage of at your interview in order to do your very best.

About IHOP

IHOP, which is an abbreviation for a restaurant called the International House of Pancakes, is a breakfast restaurant. They also sell a few different lunch and dinner options, but mainly focus on breakfast and pancakes. IHOP is a 24-hour restaurant that stays open even on most holidays.

Currently, you can get a job at IHOP as:

  • A cook
  • A corporate office worker
  • A crew member
  • A customer service worker
  • A host or hostess
  • A manager
  • A server

The job application process is simple, and the interview process is just as easy. It takes no time at all for both to be complete. If you want to know what to expect at your IHOP interview, read on to learn more.

IHOP Interview Questions

1. IHOP Interview Q & A for Server

Q1: Are you good with dealing with people?
A: I am great at dealing with people. I love working customer service positions, so working with people is ideal for me. It helps energize me since I get my energy from interacting with other people. For this reason I love serving jobs. 
Q2: Are you good at working alone?
A: I am great at working alone. Working alone lets me be more efficient than I normally might be. It allows me to work how I need to and helps me work on my own personal accountability and responsibility. 
Q3: What does customer service mean to you?
A: Customer service means treating each customer as an individual. There are no two people who are alike, and the same can be said of customers. Everyone has unique needs, so it is important to remember that and treat each person individually. 

2. IHOP Interview Q & A for Host

Q1: Are you personable?
A: I am very personable. Working in customer service is one of my favorite types of positions, because I love interacting with new people as often as I can. 
Q2: How do you resolve customer complaints?
A: I simply listen to what it is that they need. Most issues with customers come from the fact that they do not feel heard. Once they tell me what the problem is, I will do my best to solve it. 
Q3: What would you do if you got in a fight with your coworker?
A: If I got in a disagreement with a coworker, I would try to solve the problem between the two of us first; I do not want to involve a busy manager unless I absolutely have to. If I was not able to work out the problem between the two of us, I would then involve a manager for mediation. 

3. IHOP Interview Q & A for Manager

Q1: What would you do if an employee did not want to do their job?
A: I would ask them why they think they shouldn’t have to. Then, I would give them a chance to do it one more time before issuing a warning.
Q2: Are you comfortable disciplining employees?
A: I am. I understand that working as a manager means more than telling a team what to do; it means guiding them in every sense of the word. This does include having to discipline or reprimand a person when they do something wrong. 
Q3: Why do you want to work here?
A: I love working in a fast-paced environment. Working here would allow me to be employed in an atmosphere that keeps me on my feet and keeps my mind busy. I love customer service and think that I would do well in an environment such as this one. 

4. IHOP Interview Q & A for Chef

Q1: Will you follow all safety rules even if the job takes longer to complete?
A: Yes, I will. I know that having a clean and safe work environment is important, not only for the employees but for the customers as well. It is worth the time to take the extra steps toward a safer place to eat and work.
Q2: Are you good at working on a team?
A: I am excellent at working on a team. When working on a team, work gets done much faster. Food will go out sooner which will make the customers and the employees happy at the same time. 
Q3: Why should we hire you to our team?
A: I am a great team player and am able to motivate myself. I consider myself to be friendly and responsible, and I pride myself on always being on time to my commitments, especially work. 

IHOP Job Interview Tips

When you apply for the job, you can do so online or in person. If you go in person to apply, you should always dress your best. You want to make a good impression right from the start. Be polite and ask for an application. Then, fill it out while you are in the restaurant and turn it in as soon as possible.

If you apply online, the process only takes a few minutes. It is a very basic job application, and you can skip a lot of it by submitting your resume instead of filling it out manually.

Be on time

If you show up late, you will make yourself look like you don’t want the job. This will also tell the hiring manager that you will likely not show up on time for the shift itself.

Be friendly

Show off the best parts of your personality without being fake. Smile a lot, be kind, and be personable.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have given you a few different IHOP interview questions and answers for you to study. We have also provided you with a number of different tips for you to study and take advantage of as well.

Once you have gone to your interview, come back to this site. We want to know how it went. Leave us a note about the experience in the comments section below.

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