12 Most Marketable Skills To Learn And Grow Your Career

12 Most Marketable Skills To Learn And Grow Your Career

The working world is highly competitive. In order to stand out you must have something distinctive that makes you distinctive or at least allow your employer to consider you an asset.

For this reason, it is important to have as many valuable, marketable and transferable skills as possible.

Employers are all about what you can do for them and how you add to the bottom line. Their goal is to make as much money as possible and see a return on their investment. With millions of human capital hustling to get a job, companies can have their pick.

Because of their significance in the working world, we will carefully uncover every layer of these much sought after skills. So, continue reading as we explore some of the most valuable assets that will help to put your resume at the top of the pile.

Learn these Marketable Skills Today

If you are considering expanding your competencies in more marketable areas, then look at these skills. They are some of the most sought-after attributes in the working world.


Having the ability to build strong relationships with people is a most valuable marketing skill. This is why there are many marketing events and networking brunches, lunches and evening cocktails.

one on one meeting

It has long since been a practice for people to get together over food and discuss business. There is just something about “breaking bread,” which makes you that much more receptive to the ideas of others.

It is also a grand opportunity to let that sunny personality shine through and affect your potential partners in business.

Coding and Website Design

In today’s technology driven world, having the skill to construct applications, build websites and other programs will give you an advantage above other workers.

learn to code

This is one of the top marketable skills in the world right now. Hackers and other computer science professionals are always expected to code and build a website or create an application.

If you are interested in learning this skill, then here are some ways in which you can do so. “Read Learn to Code: The Full Beginner’s Guide” and “How to Make a Web Site: The Complete Beginner’s Guide.”

Great Work Ethic

Another great marketable skill to have is a great work ethic. Employers frown on workers who flee through the door as they are appointed to do so, despite having urgent deadlines. Flexibility and a great work ethic are important, as they will help you to climb the corporate ladder.

learn to code

According to the author Ken Anczerewicz, in The 7 Most Marketable Skills for the Job Market he writes, “Employers want to hire people who will work long hours if necessary, put in extra time, and not complain. They want candidates with integrity and who take pride in their work. What they do not want are candidates who are simply looking to work 9-5 without any flexibility.”

Speaking a Foreign Language

With our planet becoming such a globally connected nucleus, speaking a foreign language is a most sought after skill. This is needed even more so now than ever because mass immigration is on the rise.

Whole countries are forced to equip their workforce with this skill to meet the demand.


In the United States, there are many neighborhoods, which are occupied by immigrants, which speak only their mother tongue. As such, any business operating in those areas must be able to correspond with them fluently, in order to maximize their earnings.

For this reason, Spanish is another of the foreign languages that is widely spoken across the south of the US, including Florida and other states that receive a large number of Latino immigrants.

Learn how to speak another language and put yourself at the top of the pack.

Top Chef Cooking

People love food. It is a necessity and a marketable skill that will always be required.

Nowadays, it is easier to gain recognition and possibly go viral with the aid of online websites and phone applications. Millions of people across the world have taken to display their culinary prowess on sites like YouTube.

cooking  spices

This can translate further to not only applying for a relevant job in the hotel and restaurant industry, but money can be made from posting these videos online and gaining a dedicated viewership.

You can also launch your vlog or blog and share tasty recipes. Advertisers are willing to sponsor programs or provide featured items.

Strategic Thinking

According to Time.com, “the higher you go, the more valuable strategic thinking becomes. Both “strategy development” and “business strategy” are skills that set executives apart, for instance. Moreover, even within that elite stratum, workers with those skills earn 9.1% and 8.2%, respectively, more than those without.”

So, people who operate from their right brain can mostly be thankful for this attribute.

playing chess

Many companies are seeking professionals who can tackle difficult problems and supply a strategic method of resolving a problem. David Hayes, a Boston-area recruiter, says, “Strategy is about understanding the business purpose of a job rather than just the tasks of a job.”

So, increase your career’s real estate and make yourself more marketable by gaining high-level thinking and organization to take on strategic project management and strategic planning type assignments.

Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Employers appreciate workers who can communicate effectively and clearly. In today’s email driven world, it is very important that you can construct a proper sentence and get your point across.

taking down notes

Because of the propensity of Smartphones and texting, many have lost the ability to write a proper letter or not have a glaring grammatical or sentence mistake in their correspondence.

Where employees also interact with clients, all effort must be enacted to prevent any assumption that you are unsuitable for your job position, simply because you cannot communicate a clear thought.

Creative Flair

Companies are looking for workers who can present creative solutions to everyday problems. That means suggesting things that have not been considered before. Their focus is on the bottom line, so if you can find a solution that increases productivity and eventually their revenue, then you become an invaluable asset.

Your marketable skill can also help your company to stand out from the competition and garner the attention of consumers.

Being On time / Punctuality

There was a reason why they drilled this into us from preschool. Being early or on time is a great skill. With so many distractions around and people growing up without selecting the correct priorities, punctuality is an asset in the working world.

For one, you can lose a job for continually showing up late. In addition, you can offend prospective clients, existing customers and fellow coworkers if you continually disregard their time and effort. This habit also trickles down into not only meeting attendance, or when you arrive to work, but also when you complete assignments.

That saying “time is money” is popular for a reason and no employer will keep a tardy employee around for long. Unless, said employee works late into the wee hours.

Public Speaking

For some people, they would rather take a bullet than stand in front of a crowd of people and speak. Meanwhile, there are others, who can win over a room full of people with just a few silky words from their lips.

speaker in a presentation

Having a way with words, means having a powerful tool, this can sway people to your side. This means convincing more people to buy your product, invest in your business or share your ideas. Possessing this kind of marketable skill helps to open up many doors.

Promotion and upward mobility are easily accessible because your employers will consider you a great asset.


More and more we are seeing some great people from all across the world, leading some exciting initiatives in every industry. We have other examples of those who have successfully left their mark too.

a leader infographic

These notable leaders include Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Trudeau, Trevor Noah, Jack Ma, Denzel Washington, Lebron James, Elon Mush, Ohood Al Roumi, Shonda Rimes and Hu Shuli.

These are just some of the people who are making waves in the world today as greatest leaders or who have impacted many people’s lives for the better. They cut across every walks of life and industry, including sports, entertainment, politics and business.

Life Long Learning

The capacity to learn new skills and knowledge is invaluable. We live in a time when job descriptions are fluid. Industries are changing and new jobs are popping up every few years.

Having the intrinsic desire to improve yourself is beneficial. It creates opportunities.

Anyone who is willing to do what it takes and pursue lifelong learning is only destined to climb higher continually, no matter where they are placed.

Update Your Resume with your Marketable Skills

After reviewing this list, you should be more comfortable with identifying your own marketable skills.

Make sure to put them on your resume and even include a few of them in your cover letter, the next time that you are applying for a job. It is a great way to gain the attention of hiring managers.

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